14th German Open Fly Tying Championship 2021 - sponsored by Daiichi - Angler Sport Group


Despite the pandemic and many uncertainties the 14th German Fly Tying Championship was very popular with 98 entries from 11 countries.

Great flies were submitted - The fly tyers did a fantastic job!

The jury members will be announced in September!

Presentation of Award Winners
Presentation of award winners of the 14th German Open Fly Tying Championship on Saturday 23 October 2021 at 12:00 at the Foyer Tenne/Courtyard




Take part in the German Open Championship in Fly Tying 2021                                     
Take a look at our video and let yourself be inspired.


Film by Rudy van Duijnhoven

Participation in the German Open Championship in Fly Tying
This is an open championship so all can participate! That means the Championship in Fly Tying is also open for international competitors.
Members of the jury and the organizers are excluded from participation.
You must be 17 or older to participate. Those younger are invited to participate in the Children’s Fly Tying Championship (EWF Master) hosted by the EWF.  


1. Dry Fly (required pattern)
CDC Mayfly Spinner by Barry Ord Clarke as shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61cc6VFUt_M
Hook: Daiichi or your own choice, in size 12

Fly tying recipe

Hook: Dry fly hook #12
Thread: Beige or tan 
Body:  Beige and cream CDC
Wing case: Two or three small beige CDC hackles
Wing: Three large CDC hackles in white, cream and blue dun
Tail: Coq de Leon

CDC Mayfly Spinner   CDC Mayfly Spinner2

1a. Dry Fly

Your own pattern, Hook: Daiichi or your own choice
Both dry flies (1 and 1a) will be judged together. If only one fly is submitted in the overall category, the entry will not be judged.

2. Streamer
Hook: Daiichi or your own choice

3. Realistic Fly

Hook: Daiichi or your own choice
Please note: Judging will now include realistic flies which are truly related to fly fishing and which imitate insects that have a development phase in water.


  • For the "Dry Fly" category, one pattern is required and a second should be your own pattern. This means that the contestant must submit two flies, the required pattern and his or her own pattern.
  • It is not required that the flies be tyed on Daiichi hooks. Any brand of hook can be used in all categories if the participant cannot obtain Daiichi hooks.
  • A fly tyer can compete in all categories.
  • Very important: participants must follow the requirements, otherwise the submitted fly patterns will not be evaluated, that is, they will be disqualified.

Jury and Evaluation of the Submitted Flies
The evaluation of the flies will take place at the EWF 2021. The jury members will be announced closer to that time.

After the flies are judged
, every participant will receive a promotional package of Daiichi hooks.
The three top participants in each category will receive a certificate, a medal, and they will appear in a German fly-fishing magazine.

Three winners of the 14th German Open Fly Tying Championship will be invited to tie flies at the 17th EWF in April 2022 at the suggestion of Gerd-Peter Wieditz, the initiator of the German Open Fly Tying Championship.

Participants must submit, to the address below, each fly packaged separately. Included with each fly must be a detailed fly-tying recipe (tying instructions) and a filled-out application. If a contestant ties several flies, they can be in a single container, but each fly must be separately packaged together with the corresponding tying recipe and filled-out application.

To download the Application Form (a PDF file) click here: Application Form and follow your browser's directions for downloading to your computer.

Entry Deadline: 30 June 2021

Submissions to be send to:  
Experience the World of Fly Fishing
Robert Stroh

Lindenstrasse 8
D - 82031 Grünwald

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





The 14th German Open Fly-Tying Championship 2021 is sponsored by Angler Sport Group (Daiichihooks) (http://www.anglersportgroup.com) and the Experience the World of Flyfishing. Thank you!




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