Jungo Gérard


I discovered fishing with a fly rod when I was 10 years old. My love for it came from my father and grandfather. My first experiences were on the rivers of the Canton of Freiburg in Switzerland.

At age 37, I had my first casting course with Hebeisen and my second course (Master Course) afterwards in 1990. In 2003, I completed the Swiss certificate as a fly fishing instructor.

Since then I have regularly held classes in fly casting as well as fly tying.

In 2003, I began using the Italian TLT casting technique. Together with the Swiss SIM group, I took a course in 2011 in Italy to become trained as an instructor.


My fly-fishing interest has brought me to Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Alaska, Cuba, and Canada (Quebec) and I fish for sea trout in Denmark for pleasure.

Now I have the honor to be in Munich to tie flies in the show that I visit every year.

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