Grégoire Juglaret


Grégoire Juglaret

33 years old
French Team member
Member of the JMC-Mouches de Charrette Team

Fly fisher since 1994
Member of the Fly fishing Club of Lyon since 1994


  • 6 times among the top three in French Championships
  • French Champion in a river 2007
  • 13 times among the top three in International Championships
  • Member of the European Champion Team in 2009 and 2017
  • Member of the World Champion Team 2017
  • Captain of the youth French Team 2011 to 2014
  • Captain of the French Team 2018, European Vice-Champion

Technical Background
Grégoire Juglaret also has a degree in water management. He is knowledgeable about the aquatic environment, including an understanding of the effects of fishing.

Objectives of his casting demo
A member of the French fly fishing team since 2009 and member of the JMC team for the development of products for competition, Grégoire JUGLARET will present modern techniques for nymphing (Euro nymphing) which were developed for competition and have now been adapted for recreational anglers.
He will explain the history, the conditions, and the equipment for the practice of this technique.
To assist his presentation, Grégoire will use the equipment that he uses in competition.