Trond Syrstad

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Trond Syrstad grew up with his twin brother Knut only a short Spey cast from the banks of the Orkla salmon river in Norway. Already in 1979, when they were 9 years old, they caught their first salmon on a fly and their interest in salmon fishing and fly-casting was born.


The years passed by and thousands of hours were spent fishing in the river and practicing Spey casting. The two brothers were always together in the river where they studied each other's fishing and casting. With meticulous practice, they improved their skills and became increasingly interested in participating in casting competitions.

They did very well in the competitions, and in 1994, the brothers were engaged by the equipment supplier Guideline. They worked at Guideline developing equipment for more than ten years.At the same time, they ran their own fishing school in Orkla and toured the world teaching and presenting Spey casting and various fishing products.

Prior to switching to Loop/LTS in 2004, they had produced two different models for G.Loomis and wanted to see if they could produce and sell their own rods and lines. Ever since 2004, Trond and Knut Syrstad have produced their own brand, LTS. First was in cooperation with Loop and for the last 6 years independently, but using the same production site and factory as earlier.

The idea behind most LTS models is to produce rods that bend deeply and, at the same time, providing quick action at the end of the cast. A deep bend on lifting the line from the water, with a powerful rodtip making all Spey casts as easy as possible to perform is, and has always been, the goal when developing the rods.
In addition, the wish to get the maximum out of the rods in terms of casting distances (based on experience from casting competitions) combined with the rods being well suited for practical fishing in rivers, has always been important.
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Knut Syrstad died from cancer before the salmon-fishing season in 2014, but his ideas live on through his twin brother Trond's continued LTS work around the world.

Trond Syrstad