Action Stage 2018

Action Stage “From Rod to Fly”
- again at the 2018 EWF


It is our pleasure to announce that we have again the Säulensaal at the Fürstenfeld Event Forum with another wonderful stage area.

Those who were guests at the 2014 EWF Salmon Symposium with Orri Vigfusson are already familiar with the room and its stage. The new room is most quickly reached via the extension through the foyer of the Stadtsaal or through the door directly across from the Casting Pool.

On the stage we will have a “Living Workshop” with the motto “From Rod to Fly.”

Here, in the Living Workshop, visitors will have the possibility of looking over the shoulder of a rod maker, leather artist, leader tyer, and fly tyer at work and learn about their varied and interesting working procedures, methods, and techniques.

Anticipating your interest will be:


1. Rod maker:     Jürgen Schmeißer              
2. Leather artist:     Art Merk              
3. Leader tyer:     Theo van de Poll              
5. Fly tyer:     Erwin Tibad