Exhibitors 2020


EWF     EWF    







        Active Fishing Wolfgang Windhager KG     Alps reels, blancs CTS, bm1 Grips from birch bark, Composite Carbon Fiber Grips, Epic, Fuji thread, fly rods Wolfhager handcrafted, WINN Grips as, fly fishing water and courses

logo adams         Adams Fly Rods     Fly rods

        AKM Angel und Ködermarkt, Orvis     Orvis

        Allgäuer Terrassenhotel GmbH     Isny Hotel: Fly fishing, hiking, wellness

        Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München     Ambulant Childrens' Hospice Munich

        Andino Reisen GmbH     Fishing trips worldwide




Angel-Bär, Catchy Flies, Fulling Mill, Gin Clear Media, Omnispool, Restube, Rodmounts, Scientific Anglers, Scott, Smith Optics, Tenkara Rod Co., Waterworks-Lamson

        Angling Service Strengir     Fishing in Iceland

        Arctic Silver Innovation AS     Arctic Silver Innovation Rods, Reels, Lines, Shirts

        ATA Lodge     Fishing in Alaska

        Atlantic Salmon Reserve     Fishing in Russia

        Augsburger Angelcenter     C&F Design, Cheeky Flyfishing, Derek DeYoung, Fishpond, McLean, Sinner, Trout Hunter, Fly fishing school


Au Ver à Soie
Pèche à Soie


Au Bois Pechant, Au Ver à Soie, Pèche à Soie, Foxy Tale (silk lines, threads for flies)

        Avalon Outdoor     Fishing Trips

        BalticFlyFisher     Rajeff Sports, Echo Rods, Reels, Lines, OPST

        Best Fly Factory GmbH     Borisfly flies

        Better Rigs - Lucky Dog     Leaders

        Brittany Fly Fishing     Brittany Fly Fishing Custom Rods, Leaders, Brittany Tourism

        Bozeman Reel     Fly reels

BFC         BFC     BFC rods, reels, lines, boxes, accessories

        Bavarian Hunting Association  - Kreisgruppe Fürstenfeldbruck e.V.     Hunting and environment protection

        Catcheria     Catcheria Caps, Shirts, Sticker


Chevron Hackles, Christina Tooley


Chevron Hackles, Grip, Scottie

        Chris Bladen     Sculptures, Accessoires


Czech Nymph, Dr. Karel Krivanec


Czech Nymph, Dohiku, Hanak Competitions, Knapek, Fasso, Skalka, Sybai

DAFV         Deutscher Aglerverband e.V.     Representation of the anglers and fishers in Germany

        Deveron, Bogie & Islar Rivers     Fishing and accommodation on the river Deveron

        Elberse International     Airflo, TFO


Ephemera S.A.R.L.
Field & Fish


Field & Fish

        Faltis Rudolf     Art


Fario GmbH, Flies & More


Arctic Fisherman, Cocoons, Cortland, Easy Shrimp Eyes, Eumer, Flashabou/Hedron, Flies&More, Fish Skull, Flying Fisherman, Hends, Keough, Komama, Gehrke’s (Gink + Xink) fliegenschwimmhilfe , Mag Eyes, Monomaster, Mountain River, NanoFlySeal, Partridge, Pro Sportfisher, Renomed Scheren, Sakana, Smhaen Bobbins, Strike Indicator, Sybai, UTC, VAC-RAC, Veevus, Whiting, ZAP, ZPEY


Ferox Feathers




Fisch & Fliege
MuP Verlag GmbH


Magazine Fisch & Fliege


Fisherman's N1


Fishing trips in Canada

        Fly Fishers International     Fly Fishers International


Flyfish Europe AS


Representative: Catchy Flies, Loon, Regal, Scientific Anglers, Simms, Scott, Smith Optics, Omni Spool, Waterworks-Lamson


Flyfishing Europe GmbH


Ahrex, Abel, Bauer, Brodin, Burkheimer, Dr. Slick, EOS, Hawking, Jim Teeny, Nautilus, Saracione, Simms, Swiss CDC, Umpqua, Winston


Fly Line Ecosistemi fluviali


Magazines and books


Flymex, RST Vertrieb Italien


ATP Reel, RST, Flymex, Montana Fly

        Flyrus     Fly fishing course, guiding, fishing trips

        Forelle & Äsche (Trout & Grayling), Publishing House     Books, Fishing trips


Freunde der Gmundner Traun e. V.


Waters of the Friends of the Gmundner Traun


friends of flyfishing Haas e.U.


Spool Tower, Helpic

gary scott         Gary Scott     Fly fishing and guiding in Scotland


Guideline, Wurmbader Angelgeräte

    Guideline, Tiemco


H2O Magazine

    H2O Magazine


Haart Enterprise

    Haart reels and rods

        H.G. Flyfishing
Sabine Zielonka/Hartmut Glowa
    Catgut, Frog Hair, H.G. Flyfishing, H.G. StarCast Ruten,. H.G. - Waterproof Flytying Markers, Hemingway-s Flyfishing Products, JT, Konger Steelon, Proformic - UV, Reel Wing, Rubis Scheren, Trout Line, Varivas

        Hardy, Greys,
Förg Angelgeräte GbR
    Greys, Hardy

Hoagy Carmichael

    Antique fishing tackle

        Hodgman, Pure Fishing     Hodgman clothes

        Hotel Almrösl GmbH     Hotel with fishing water


Hotel Jesacherhof
Sporthotel & Wellnessresidenz


Fishing, fly fishing, hiking, wellness, winter sports


Hotel Quellenhof GmbHHotel 


Fishing, fly fishing, wellness, sport

        Hurch Fly Fishing GmbH
    Bauers, FTS, Galvan, Gulff, Hurch, Keeper, Mystic, Stonfo, Textreme, Vision
Fly fishing waters


Fishing in Ireland

    Fishing in Ireland


IFC, Manfred Raguse

    International Flyfishers Club: Fly Fishing Trips to the River Gaula and to some of the best Destinations worldwide

Logo Fishing Kiruna Lapland         Kiruna Lappland Ekonomiska FöR.     Fishing Kiruna Lappland


Klíma Products

    Klíma fly tying material, -flies and -streamer, -hooks

        Lagartun     Silk, Tread, Tinsel, Feathers

        Lax-A Angling Club     Fishing trips to Iceland


        Loop Tackle, Sight Line Provisions     Loop rods, reels, lines, clothing, accessories

        Lords of Rivers SAS     Fly tying materials

lts         LTS Flyfishing AS     LTS rods, reels, lines, clothing, accessories

        Mako Reel Co.     Fly reels


Marios Fliegendose


Baker Hookouts, Bestard, Bug Bond, Camo Tackle, Danica, Flyscene, Future Fly, Gamakatsu, Mason Hard Mono, Hareline, Marios Fliegendose, Pikemonkey, Profi Blinker, Redington, Rio, Riverge, Smith Creek, Tunca, UNI Products, Veniard, Wapsi

        Meibohm-Emmerich GbR     Fly rods, reels, fly boxes, reel bags, accesoiries

        Midfjardara Lodge     Lodge and fishing in Iceland

        North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF)     Restoring Atlantic salmon to their natural abundance

        NFC - Norwegian Flyfishers Club     Norwegian Flyfishers Club: Fishing for salomon

        Österreichische Fischereigesellschaft 1880 e.V.     Fishing waters in Austria


Palù Alberto

J. Parker, Palu

        Patagonia Cop.     Patagonia

        PETITJEAN Fishing Equipment SA     Fishing Equipment SA

        Peux     Reels

        Pijawetz GmbH
Naturerlebnis Fliegenfischen & Outdoor
    Geoff Anderson, Loon, Marryat, Pijawetz, Royal Wulff, Fly fishing waters and fly fishing school "Salza"

        Plumenc Design     Feathers

Polishquills Logo         Polishquills     Polishquills flies, stripped peacock quills, fly tying materials


Pozzolini Fly Fishing

    Pozzolini rods, reels, lines, accessoires


pukka destinations


Fishing trips worldwide

        R.L. Winston     Representative: Winston

        Renate Wurm GBR    

Hans-Wurm Fly Reels "Made in Bavaria", Danube Salmon / Pike Streamer, Tungsten, Tungsten-Jigs, Wurm Fly Tying Tools


Robert Stroh Flyfishing


Stroh - Split-bamboo rods and accessories, REC Components, Snake Brand

        Rocktreads     Spikes

        Salix Alba Wojciech Łopatka    

Fly fishing and guiding in Poland, Fishing baskets, leather products, wood landing nets, bags from Poland

        Schiele Dieter, Painter     Art

        Semperfli, Secret Rivers GmbH      Fly tying materials

        SIM SUISSE     Fly fishing school: Italian Casting Style


Shakespeare, Pure Fishing


        Simba Rods     Custom-built Scottish >Fly Rods and ancillary products

        Snowbee     Snowbee rods, reels, clothes and accessoires, Stormsure

        Steegwirt     Accommodation and fishing

        Spinnler Fly Fishing     Fly fishing trips to the Orkla, Norway


Sportanglerbund Vöcklabruck

    Fly fishing waters

        Stickman Rods     Stickman rods, clothes, accesoires

        Taki Alvanos     Hatch, Secret Taper

        The Whisky-Corner     Single Malt Whisk(e)y from Scotland and Ireland
Rum from the Caribic

         Thermowade     Wadding stick, headgear, Kelly Kettle


Tingvoll Salmon Fishing

    Fishing in Norway

        Tom Morgan Rodsmiths     Fly rods, Morgan Mill

        Transilvania Amadou S.R.L.     Revolution-Amadou, Fishing trips in Romania

        Trentino Fishing     Fishing in Trentino, Italy


Tourismus Bohinj


Destinations in Bohinj, Slovenia






Fishing trips to the Una, Bosnia

        Una Riverside Lodge     Lodge and fishing in Bosnia, Bosnian flies

        Vosseler KG     Vosseler Reels

        Wanderfische ohne Grenzen e.V.     Rescue of migratory fish species and their aquatic habitats in Germany and Mainland Europe

        WAKU GmbH     Stroft

        Websta Angelgeräte     CTS, Fishpond, Flex Coat, Folstaff, Pro Wrap, Struble, Tight Line Enterprises, Loksak, Websta

        West Rangá     West Rangá, Oldero Fly Fishing Lodge, Fishing Trips

        Yakutat Lodge Alaska     Fishing in Alaska


Yangoo GmbH

    Yangoo Fliegen

        Zoki     Fly boxes, fly tying bench