Campaign for donations to the Ambulant Children’s Hospice, Munich!



We are pleased to announce that a total of € 3,259.00 was collected in two days through

- the sales of fly boxes with donated flies and different fly fishing tackle,
for the 2nd time!!! - the inexhaustible energy of Maria Schmeißer in baking wafers (a total of 60 kg of dough)
- and from additional individual donations.

The cheque was presented to the Founder of the Children’s Hospice Munich, Christine Bronner, and to the marketing representative, Peter Schmid.

Our thanks, also in the name of the Ambulant Children’s Hospice, Munich to all of the contributors.

Photos by Sepp Stöger and Ambulant Children’s Hospice, Munich  


Attention please -
The EWF photo galleries 2018 are online!!

EWF 2018 IMG 9549 Klein        

Experience the 2018 EWF once more: a retrospective in pictures.



13th EWF 2018 - Once again an amazing event...

It’s almost phenomenal what happens on an April weekend every year in Fürstenfeldbruck in the Munich area. Like throwing a switch, a real rally develops. People from many countries in Europe and the world as well as from all corners of Germany come together to be part of a large community. It is almost like a mayfly hatch, brief, intensive, and passionate! And this gathering does have something to do with passion. Everybody who comes for a weekend in the former monastery’s Event Forum has something in common: a terrific passion for one of the best hobbies you can imagine – fly fishing.

DSC03396   DSC02896   DSC03086   DSC03152

It was again time on 14 and 15 April. The organizing team, after intense and careful preparation, invited participation in the 13th Experience the World of Flyfishing – also known as the EWF – in Fürstenfeldbruck. Thirteen is an unlucky number in many cultures. There are airlines without row 13 seats, hotels without a 13th floor or room number, or sporting events without starting number 13. So, was the name on this weekend ominous?

On the contrary, we can look back on a very successful, enormously popular event for the organizers, exhibitors, participants, and visitors. The satisfied and happy expressions of the approximately 3500 visitors showed that, again in 2018, success was achieved in putting together an interesting program package. Confirmation came from the positive resonance of the 115 exhibitors, all of whom found the show to be a great success.

Fifteen well-known casters from 11 countries demonstrated their art at the large casting pool and no less than 40 fly tyers from around the world showed how to tie flies, some of which could be considered works of art, using feathers, fur, and man-made materials.

DSC03124   DSC03440   IMG 1494   IMGL4507

Additional offerings for any interest were extensive, from rod making (which could be followed live) to production of a knotted leader. More than 1000 visitors attended, engrossed, the numerous presentations and talks. Gerd-Peter Wieditz was able to enjoy very great interest in the treasures of his collection of fly-fishing equipment and literature which he exhibited together with material loaned by Bernd E. Ergert, the former Director of the Munich Hunting and Fishing Museum. His tying of historical patterns with old materials attracted great attention – a truly interesting journey into the early history of the crowning discipline of the sport of angling!

Not to be overlooked was the 11th Open German Fly Tying Championship which, once again, generated great attention. 127 entries from 12 countries found their way to the judges. The organizers were very pleased by the enthusiastic participation in the program for children and youth. Most fortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any lack of youthful interest in fly fishing.

For a long time, the EWF has earned an “upgrade” to be the International Experience the World of Flyfishing, for the 2018 participants and exhibitors came from no less than 29 countries. That shows strongly that this is one of the most important shows in Europe for fly fishing.

If you were’t able to attend, mark your calendar for the weekend of 6 and 7 April 2019 when the 14th edition of the Experience the World of Flyfishing opens its doors. The organizing team thanks all participants and visitors from near and far for a successful “happening” and looks forward to seeing everybody again next year.

IMG 1680   IMG 0667   IMGL4868   DSC03471
DSC03586   IMGL5221   DSC03577   DSC03456

Text by Detlef Henkes
Photos by Antje Eilhardt and Wolfgang Ackermann 


Winner of the 11th Open German Fly Tying Championships 2018! Congratulations!


Category: Dry Fly

1st Place - Györfi Zsolt - Rumania
2nd Place- Marcos Prado - Spain
3rd Place- Martin Weidisch - Germany
4th Place - Jens Kilian - Germany
5th Place - Christian Kölle - Germany


Category: Streamer

1st Place - Jürgen Bartsch - Germany
2nd Place- Jens Kilian - Germany
2nd Place- Bodo Hoffmann - Germany
4th Place - Antonio Piscione - Italy
5th Place - Raimund Hinz - Germany


Category: Realistic Fly

1st Place - Juan Carlos Cambronero - Spain
2nd Place- Joaquin Lopez Quintas - Spain
3rd Place- Alfons Schefold - Germany
4th Place- Tim Born - Germany
5th Place - Holger Herold - Germany

Many thanks to Daiichi/ Angler Sport Group and the EWF for the Sponsoring!


Further information abot the winners and their flies ....


Announcement – Official opening of and general welcoming address for the technical symposium “Fish Predators in the Alpine Region” on Saturday, 14th of April, at 3pm

Bocklet     We are looking forward to welcoming the First Vice-President of the Bavarian Legislature, Mr. Reinhold Bocklet, MdL, and the mayor of Fürstenfeldbruck, Mr. Erich Raff, to this year’s EWF. They will start off the technical symposium with an official general welcoming address.

Read more about the Technical Symposium.
  Sylvia Dobler Raff Rathaus20170206 17

More Information about Mathias Lilleheim's Casting Demo

Follow the link if you want to have more information about Mathias Lilleheim's casting demo "The Three Musketeers of Fly Casting" that he will show at the 2018 EWF:

The Three Musketeers of Fly Casting

  MathiasLilleheim Portrt

STROFT knot course at the EWF

1.1.09 logo stroft         This year, acquiring materials will not be the only thing possible at the WAKU –STROFT Fishing Lines stand on the ground floor of the Tenne. A STROFT knot course will also be held. Experts in leaders will show you how to tie uni knots perfectly so that they retain 100% of the rated test of the tippet material. Stop by!

The EWF supports the AKM!

Don’t fill life with days, but fill days with life.
In the spirit of this saying, the Ambulant Children’s Hospice (AKM), Munich has, since 2004, cared for families with unborn and newly born children, infants, children, and youth as well as affected young adults having life threatening or life shortening illnesses and for seriously ill parents with minor children at home. After an illness is diagnosed, the AKM Foundation is there for the entire family, in the hospital and at home until and beyond death. The support is offered in Munich and all of Bavaria and is without cost for the affected families.

       ambulantes Kinderhospiz

In this work, the team is assisted in the areas of crisis intervention and family and mourning support by full-time doctors, psychologists, nurses, and social workers and by more than 200 part-time personnel. The objective is to give positive support in difficult times as well as to provide periods of security, safety, and normality.

The Experience the World of Flyfishing has fully supported the AKM Foundation since 2013. This support has contributed to multi-professional care for more than 350 affected families throughout Bavaria. The AKM Foundation gives its heartfelt thanks for this wonderful and continuing support.

Listen up Ladies - 10 Years Ladies' Programme!
Fun Female Fly Casting Competition!!

Calling all non-professional fly fishing ladies, to enter the 3 minute cast to hoop competition. The 3 ladies who score the most hits to the hoops in 3 minutes win prizes.

When: Saturday and Sunday 2 pm.
Where: Casting area at the Courtyard of the Tenne/Stadtsaal (see picture)

Glenda will be delighted to welcome many ladies who have fun to join this funny competition at the Casting area.

         Ladies 4
2018 DSC00548 klein   2018 IMG 9688 klein   2018 IMG 2573 klein

The 11th Open German Fly Tying Championship - Jury Members and Presentation of Award Winners

Jury Members

The evaluation of the flies will take place at the EWF 2018. We are very pleased to present our jury members:

  • Gerd-Peter Wieditz - Germany
  • Roman Moser - Austria
  • Theo Atanassov - Bulgaria-Germany
  • Andrés Touceda - Spain

Presentation of Award Winners

Presentation of award winners of the 11th Open German Fly Tying Championship on Sunday 15 April 2018 at 12:00 at the Foyer Tenne/Courtyard.

More information...

        Ladies 4

Award Ceremony Fly Tying for Children and Teenagers on April 15

2018 IMG 9715 klein        

Presentation of award winners of the fly tying competition for children and teenagers on Sunday 15 April at 15:00 at the kids' fly tying table.

Read more about the programme ...

We are excited!!!


The 11th German Fly Tying Championship was very popular with 127 entries from 12 countries.

Great flies were submitted - The fly tyers did a fantastic job!

Our thanks to the participants!

Programme Summary for this year's Experience the World of Fly Fishing!

Waiting for you at the entrance and at the EWF Information Counter will be, both days, printed programmes
with detailed overviews of casting demonstrations, talks, etc.! 

Travelling Fly Fishing Dolls

Fliegenfischer Puppen       

We will soon start our journey from Ireland to Germany and are looking forward to seeing you all at the EWF. You can purchase us at the stand of the ladies’ programme.

Our special surprise is that Elaine Munn will accompany us personally and will show her craftsmanship at Glenda’s stand in the foyer of the Tenne.

New SPOOL TOWER Spin at the EWF

At the EWF this year, friends of flyfishing presents the brand new SPOOL TOWER Spin.
Finally a good, handy solution for up to 30 flash and long-hair materials. We offer models for flash between 25 and 60 cm long. In addition there is abundant space for tools, finish, and UV containers...
A great advantage is the movable suspension system so that no space is needed on the tying table!
Convince yourself about the unique SPOOL TOWER models from friends of flyfishing.

You can find us, as always, on the ground floor of the Tenne.
We look forward to seeing you!

      SPOOL TOWER Spin2  

Babyfish - for the first time at the EWF

For all questions concerning the sustainable management of natural fish stocks with babyfish boxing systems, come to the stand S 71 in the column hall.
The baby fish team is looking forward to your visit and will be happy to answer any questions personally.

We will expand and are looking for sales partners for the following countries:
If you are interested in working with us, please contact us directly!

babyfishlogo   Brutksten

After nine years - Andy Murray from Scotland participates in the EWF show!


2009 was his last visit at the EWF -  We look forward to seeing this humurous and charming Scotsman at the casting pool.

More about Andy ...


Thank you for the many responses - the exhibitor has just found an assistance!
- an energetic assistance for exhibitor stand wanted

EWF Logo klein web       An exhibitor at the EWF is still looking for a helping hand at his stand at the EWF on the 14 and 15 April 2018. Knowledge about rods, reels, lines is requested.
If you are interested please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The "shooting duck" - Just simply fly fishing - Again at the 2018 EWF

Report of Olaf Ebert: With the shooting duck we created a solution and a real alternative to the conventional methods of handling the fly line.
With the following advantages:   
  • Less power is required. Because of the minimized friction of the surfaces, the fly line releases easily.
  • Line saving, because the fly line does not touch the ground , there´s no chance of damage on sharp rocks .
  • Relaxed fishing , the focus is on the fish not on the cord.
  • Ergonomic, the natural movement of the string hand goes along the shooting duck position at the belt.
  • More shooting distance with less effort and energy input. 
  • Small and light, causes no trouble while handling the dip net.
  • The wide belt can be used for additional applications.
  • Suitable for right- and left-handed users
  • 100% Made in Germany
ShootingDuck2   Shooting duck   ShootingDuck3


Wurmbader Angelgeräte (“Bait-Fishers’ Tackle”) at the 13th EWF!

At the WURMBADER Angelgeräte stand we will again present the leading US brand, SAGE, including the new SALT-HD and FOUNDATION rod series as well as the SPECTRUM reel series.

Also we will have a broad selection of fly lines, tippets, and leaders from RIO.

New this year at Stand TOG4 will be the complete program of the premium Japanese fly fishing hook manufacturer TIEMCO.

The show products of WURMBADER Angelgeräte will be rounded out by an assortment of reels, tools, fly-tying tools, fly boxes, and leaders from TRAUN RIVER PRODUCTS.

The Whisky-Corner - The 10th Special Edition for the 2018 EWF! 

This year’s fly fishing whisky is an anniversary bottling, “10 Years of Classic Salmon Flies.” For this special occasion we were able, of course, to find a special whisky, a Royal Brackla, distilled in 2006 and bottle in 2017.

This single malt whisky is 11 years old, is 86 proof, and has no added color. As with most of the ten whiskys to date, it has been bottled by the independent Signatory bottler. A new label design brings the fly more into the foreground. This year it is the “Green Highlander” dressed by Ken Middlemist, The Last Hardy Salmon Fly Dresser.

The whisky costs this year € 49.90 and, once again, 60 bottles are available. For the anniversary, it comes with a tasting sample in a small bottle. The Royal Brackla is a very soft, mild, and malty-sweet whisky without a trace of smoke.



Dear EWF visitors coming with a motorhome or camper...

There are now beautiful, newly established, overnight parking sites for motorhomes/campers very close to where the EWF takes place. Please use them.
Special note: Motorhomes or campers may no longer occupy and overnight in spaces in the automobile parking lots belonging to the Event Forum.

You can find out more about the motorhome parking/overnighting sites at this link:$file/Flyer%20WoMo%20Stellplatz.pdf



Invitation from an International Group for a Joint Discussion about Fish Predators - Technical Symposium “Fish Predators in the Alpine Region” at the EWF! 


General Sponsor: Reinhold Bocklet, Vice President of the Bavarian State Assembly and former Agriculture Minister

Event Theme:
Population development of fish predators, their influence on fish populations in the Alpine region, and their management possibilities in light of European Union, country, and state laws and regulations

Read more ...


Flyer Download (German)



New at the EWF! Fly fishing in Kamchatka ... who hasn’t long dreamed of that?


Pristine nature, wild streams full of fish, abundant salmon, rainbow trout, and other river fish, once in a while a fishing brown bear, ...

Daily routine can be forgotten in easternmost Russia and one’s only concern is flies and fishing.

For over 20 years, Lisa Veverka has been a specialist for adventure trips to Kamchatka. With professional partners she offers not only fly fishing tours, but Kamchatka is also a paradise for volcano trekking, bear watching, and ski tours.

You will find Lisa Veverka at her stand S 74 in the Säulensaal.



2018 baeren klein        


The Casting Programme is online!



You will see the most varied casting techniques and styles for both one-hand and two-handed rods.

Casting demo schedule


A calling to all fly tyers!



Since 2013 the EWF, its exhibitors, and many of its visitors have supported the work of the Ambulant Children’s Hospice in Munich with a stand at the EWF and with donations.

The Ambulant Children’s Hospice (AKM), Munich, has supported, comprehensively and professionally, families with extremely or uncurably ill unborns, children, youth, and young adults.

The AKM will again this year have a stand and present its work at the EWF.

In prior years we have sold, for the benefit of the AKM, fly boxes containing 10 of the flies submitted in prior years for the German Open Fly Tying Championship or donated flies from many fly tyers.
So, dear Fly Tyers, we ask you to donate, through us, a spare fly or flies to the Children’s Hospice.

The proceeds from the sale of the boxes and flies will go 100% to the Ambulant Children’s Hospice (AKM), Munich.

We would be greatly pleased to hear from you that you are participating in this campaign.

Your EWF Organizing Team

Further information:…/


Again at the EWF - Offer of the Fly Fishers International: Troubleshooting Sessions!



Instructors of the Fly Fishers International offer free "one on one" 30 minute introduction ore troubleshooting sessions.

Would you like a 30 minute introduction to the wonderful world of fly fishing with the single handed fly rod?
We will help you get started!

Your first introduction to the double handed fly rod?
Yes, we will help you!


Available times on Saturday and Sunday:
10:00 – 10:30
10:30 – 11:00
11:00 – 11:30
11:30 – 12:00

13:00 – 13:30
13:30 – 14:00
14:00 – 14:30
14:30 – 15:00
15:00 – 15:30


The lecture programme is online!


The detailed lecture programme is available.

Lectures on Saturday 14 April 2018

Lectures on Sunday 15 April 2018


Once again, you will find well-liked special programs at the 2018 EWF!


Just as in previous years, the EWF will offer popular and well-visited programs especially for

      Casting Clinic for Single-Handed Rods…/casting-clinic-…
      Casting Clinic for Double-Handed Rods…/casting-clinic-…


The list of the fly tyers at the EWF 2018 are online!


Many well-known fly tyers, including winners of international fly tying championships, will offer an instructive and varied programme.

We look forward to your visit!

Fly Tyers 2018...


Three winners of the 11th Open German Fly Tying Championship will be at the 2019 EWF!



At the suggestion of Gerd-Peter Wieditz, the initiator of the Open German Fly Tying Championship, the three winners of this year’s 11th Open German Fly Tying Championship will be invited to tie flies at the 14th International EWF in 2019.

We have already been able to have several former winners tying at the EWF, including Erwin Tibad, Karl Flick, Holger Herold, Jay Lee, and Regine Maghuna.

We are pleased about the submissions that have already arrived, and hope for a lot more. 4 weeks are still remaining!

11th German Fly Tying Championship


International Experience the World of Fly Fishing – EWF is sponsoring the Official Swiss Fly Tying Championship!


After having already sponsored the Open German Fly Tying Championship successfully for 11 years, the EWF will now also be sponsoring the Official Swiss Fly Tying Championship.
A winner of the Official Swiss Fly Tying Championship will be invited to tie flies on the stage in the future.
In the next days, one of the winners of the first Official Swiss Fly Tying Championship will be welcomed to the 13th EWF as a fly tyer.

We are looking forward to it !



The list of the casters 2018 is online!



15 of the internationally best-known casters and instructors are at the EWF.demos: You will see the most varied casting techniques and styles for both one-hand and two-handed rods.

Read more about the casters...


Special Exhibition - A Historical Foray through Fishing at the 13th EWF!


The Special Exhibition for the 13th EWF in 2018 presents the history and development of fishing.

We thank Bernd E. Ergert for loaning items from his collection and Gerd-Peter Wieditz for his loan of numerous items plus for setting up and looking after the Special Exhibition.

You will find the special exhibition in the foyer of the Tenne, directly across from the EWF information desk.

Read more about the special exhibition...
  IMG 7729


BJV-KREISGRUPPE FÜRSTENFELDBRUCK e.V. im Landesjagdverband Bayern e.V. (Bavarian Hunting Society – Fürstenfeldbruck County Group in the State Hunting Consortium of Bavaria) at the EWF!


It is with pleasure that we welcome, for the second time at the EWF, BJV-KREISGRUPPE FÜRSTENFELDBRUCK e.V. im Landesjagdverband Bayern e.V. (Bavarian Hunting Society – Fürstenfeldbruck County Group in the State Hunting Consortium of Bavaria) who became aware of us because of our environmental, water, and wildlife protection activities and special exhibits.

They will have a small stand on the upper level of the Tenne. They look forward to your visit and will gladly tell you about their work.



Special Highlight at the 2018 EWF!


Jardine VaterSohn      

This year for the first time, we will have father and son at the casting pool together. We are looking forward to the casting demonstration of Charles and Alexander Jardine and can rest assured that in the family Jardine fun is at the top of the list.

Read more about Charles ...

Read more about Alexander ...


FULLY BOOKED - The Highlight after the 2018 EWF - Two-Handed Course with Michael Mauri and Gary Scott!

You have the opportunity to participate in a two-day course in the Munich area immediately after the 2018 EWF. An expert team will show you the art of two-handed casting.

Date: Monday, 16 April and Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Two-Handed Course

Action Stage “From Rod to Fly”  - Again at the 2018 EWF!

After the great success last year we will have again we will have again the “Living Workshop” with the motto “From Rod to Fly”  on the stage in the Säulensaal

Read more ....

608 0   ArtMerk1   TheoVanDePoll IMG 0756   ErwinTibad Fliegenkrper


The 11th Open German Fly Tying Championship!


The regulations in Romanian for and additional information about the championship can be downloaded from the following websites:
11th German Fly Tying Championship


Exhibitors' list of the EWF 2018 is online!

2018 DSC09772 klein        

We are convinced that the EWF, as a specialised exposition with such a comprehensive and broad product offering, will be a very unique experience for all participants and visitors!


Exhibitors 2018


In 80 days around the world, in 60 days to the EWF …


... for those who cannot wait any longer, a brief look back at the 2017 EWF.

EWF 2017



For the first time at the EWF  - Heinz Zöldi from Austria!


We are happy to announce that Heinz Zöldi will be at the EWF for the fist time. The humorous and nice Austrian is welcoming you at his fly tying bench.

Read more about Heinz ...




Wow, quite a lot flies have arrived - The 11th Open German Fly Tying Championship!



A number of flies have arrived! Again many thanks to Adrian Bontza who made a very good marketing!

Thank you very much to the fly tiers for their participation, we look forward to any further submissions!
Should you have any queries concerning the German Championship, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The regulations for and additional information about the championship can be downloaded from the following websites:
11th German Fly Tying Championship


Also very popular - Casting for Children and Teenager!


Casting KiJu 6      

Since many children and young people want to try a fly rod at the EWF every year, we are offering the same programme we did the last years. Children and teenagers can join Regina, Jürgen, Himmi and Anna (Powell) both days at the pool for fly casting. They will show how to use rods and reels, provide advice, and is most happy to pass on their knowledge. Many thanks to Regina, Jürgen, Himmi and Anna!

      Casting KiJu 8

Furthermore Regina and Jürgen have come up with new great ideas - let you surprise at the EWF 2018!

Read more....

Children's casting


Special Programme - our Popular Fly Tying for Children and Teenager at the EWF!



For our young visitors, the 2018 EWF will once again offer our traditional fly tying for kids.

On both days, our fly tying experts, Rainer Roth, Horst Burgstaller, Theo Atanassov and Lara Schreiber, will show effective fly patterns to all interested kids and teenagers and will help them learn how the patterns are tied. Special fly tying stations will be provided in the upper floor of the Tenne.

      Horst Kiflibi

Here you can tie flies to your heart's content and invent new patterns!

Fly Tying for Kids


For the first time at the EWF - Cyril Bailly from France!


Cyril will tie his special flies at the EWF. Visit him at the fly tying bench and be inspired by his flies.

Read more about Cyril ...




You can download the new EWF Leaflet at DIN A5 size!
- We look forward to your visit at the EWF -



Flyer English EWF 2018

Flyer German EWF 2018

      ewf 2018 e 


This year at the EWF - Trond Syrstad from Norway!



Last year Trond was not able to attend the EWF, so we are pleased that Trond will be at the show this year. We look forward to seeing this humurous and charming Norwegian at the casting pool.

Read more about Trond ...


Again at the EWF - Gérard Piquard from France!


Gérard Piquard will tie flies for the second time at the stage in the Stadtsaal - the EWF visitors were impressed by his catchy flies.
Read more about Gérard ...


Theo van de Poll returns to the Experience the World of Fly Fishing!



Theo van de Poll (60) from the Netherlands will again demonstrate how to make twisted leaders with a few simple tools at the Experience the World of Fly Fishing in April. His demonstrations in the “Living Workshop” last year attracted a lot of attention from the show’s attendees and this will surely be the same again in April 2018.


Theo van de Poll has been fishing with a fly since he was a young boy and he is now in charge of the Fly-fishing School of the Dutch Federation of Fly Fishers. In addition, he often teaches fly casting and fly fishing at the Dutch Fly Fishing Academy. He has shown how to make his twisted leaders at numerous general and fly-fishing shows.

We are happy that he will be at the EWF again!

Read more about Theo ...


Herbert Daigeler - Fly Tyer from Germany!


We are happy to announce that Herbert Daigeler will tying flies for the first time at the International Experience the World of Fly Fishing.
More information about Herbert ...


Henrik Mortensen again at the EWF doing a casting demo!



Henrik Mortensen will again attend the EWF - so it is a pleasure to have him at the casting pool.

Read more Henrik ...


Andrés Touceda from Spain for the first time at the EWF!


Unfortunately Andrés could not attend the EWF last year. So we are very happy that he will be at the show this time!
We look very much forward to his participation!
Read more about Andrés ...



Announcement of the EWF 2018! 


Dear Fly Fisher!

We look very much forward to the show with many familiar faces as well as new entries among the exhibitors and special participants, including 14 casters and over 40 fly tyers, demonstrating their skills to the interested visitors.
More information available soon.

Your EWF Organising Team

Announcement of the EWF 2018

 Film by Michael Komuczki


André Miegies will tie flies at the Experience the World of Fly Fishing

The well-known fly tier and fly fisher André Miegies will be showing his skills for the first time at the EWF in April 2018. André has tied at numerous fly fishing shows in the Benelux countries and the UK and he will now appear at the EWF in Munich, too.

Read more about André ...


Michel Rigault for the first time at the Casting Pond at the EWF!

      At the 13th EWF Michel will give casting demonstrations. We are very much looking foward to this charming man from France who will show us the special features of silk lines.
Read more about Michel ...


Fly fishers please notice  ...  Niklaus Bauer will be again at the EWF !


We are happy that Niklaus Bauer will take part for the first time at the International Experience the World of Fly Fishingon 14th and 15th of April, giving casting demonstrations and tying flies.
You will find Niklaus at the Hurch Flyfishing stand in the Tenne upper level or at the casting pool.


Funny idea to the EWF bags!


Thanks to our friend and fly tyer, Stanislav Mankov, for the idea to use the EWF bags in a special way!
If someone had another idea of using the bags, we would be delighted to get pictures of it.


Expression of thanks for 2017!


Dear fly fishermen and fly fisherwomen,

Also for 2017 we received a “Thank you” from the Ambulant Children’s Hospice (AKM) which we want to pass on to you because all of us make the support of affected families possible.


We also made it possible for our EWF sponsored family with their three children to spend a few days in Italy, to fish in the Bavarian rivers and to get more fly tying materials and tools. Therefore, our special thanks go to:


The trip to Italy:
- Mauri Flyfishing
- Mario Korell
- Achim Stahl, Serious Flyfishing
- Erlebniswelt Fliegenfischen

Jungs   Jungs 2    

The fishing trip:
- Rainer Roth
- Kristof Reuther, Die Isarfischer e.V.

Jungs 3            
Binden Jungs       Fly tying materials and tools:
Christ child


The  AKM could start an image film about their work - the AKM summer festival in Munich:


10th Anniversary of the Two-Handed Course with Michael Mauri and Gary Scott
- The Highlight after the 2018 EWF


2017 IMG 9612 klein          

You have the opportunity to participate in a two-day course in the Munich area immediately after the 2018 EWF. An expert team will show you the art of two-handed casting.

Date: Monday, 16 April and Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Two-Handed Course


His third visit at the EWF
- Ken Middlemist, from Alnwick (UK), is coming!


Ken Middlemist is one of the last living fly dressers (tyers) who learned and worked in the old Hardy company in Alnwick. Many know him from the film, “The Lost World of Mr. Hardy.” Ken will tie salmon flies in his hand (without a tying vise) and has many, many stories to share. He much prefers being called a “fly dresser” and not a “fly tyer.”

Ken is again looking forward to welcoming you at his tying bench on the first level of the Tenne.

Read more about Ken...


Scott Mackenzie  - multiple World Champion from Scotland



After five years Scott will visit us again at the EWF and will delight the audience at the casting pool. His new products in the fields of single- and double-hand will be shown at Scott's stand in the Stadtsaal.
We look forward to seeing Scott!

Read more about Scott ...



Dear friends, exhibitors, guests, visitors and and of the EWF,



Finally we gonna start! Preparations for the 13th EWF are in full swing and again we're completely booked.

The Families Pijawetz and Stroh as well as the entire EWF team wish you very pleasant holidays, Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year.

It will be our pleasure to welcome you once again next year to the 13th Experience the World of Fly Fishing.


11th Open German Fly-Tying Championship


After the great success of the last TEN Championships, the 11th Open German Fly-Tying Championship will take place at the 2018 EWF.

For the 5th time the Open German Championship will be sponsored by the company Angler Sport Group with Daiichi hooks. ( . Many thanks!

Read more ...




ANNOUNCEMENT - EWF 2018! -  We would appreciate if you can schedule this event date!!!


13th International Experience the World of Fly Fishing

Saturday, 14 April 2018, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday, 15 April 2018, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Event Forum Fürstenfeld / Fürstenfeld Monastery near Munich
Fürstenfeld 12
D-82256 Fürstenfeldbruck


Obituary by Rudy van Duijnhoven



Siegfried “Sigi” Urchs passed away

In the night from Monday the 31st of July to Tuesday the 1st of August the fly-fishing world, especially in the south of Germany, lost one of its big promoters. Siegfried was in the mid seventies of age.

He came to Bavaria in 1958 and started there with other methods of fishing. Two friends made him make a start in fly-fishing, “the most beautiful way of fishing with the least influence on nature”. He learned how to tie flies and has since than shown his skills at many fly-fishing shows like the Experience the World of Fly Fishing.

Siegfried “Sigi” Urchs started a meeting point for fly-fishers in Fürstenfeldbruck where fly-fishers, nature lovers and sport-fishermen from close and far gathered for exchanging experiences and listening to presentations that Sigi had organised. A website was set up for this reason too, but it is no longer active.


This year Sigi was one of the judges in the Open German Fly Tying Championship, the pictures were taken when he was busy judging the many flies that were send in, together with Nadica and Igor Stancev plus Rudy van Duijnhoven.

The funeral will be held on Friday the 4th of August at 8.30 am at the Waldfriedhof, Waldfriedhofsstrasse 1, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich.

Photos made during the evaluation of the 10th German Fly Tying Championship by Rudy van Duijnhoven



Sad news: Siegfried "Sigi" Urchs passed away!


Dear fly fishers,

We announces the very sad news that our fly fisher friend, Sigi Urchs, has passed away on Tuesday.
Sigi was an integral part of the EWF, from the beginning in 2006 until today. Many years Sigi tied flies at the EWF stage and inspired many fly fishers with his flies.
His highlight was his participation at the jury of the 10th German Fly Tying Championship this year.

We express our heartfelt condolences to his wife and family.

Your EWF Organisers